Curtains: dressing your windows without being mistaken

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Dressing up your window with the right kind of curtain brings out the inner beauty of your home. That is while choosing the curtain, you need to be flawless. Click here for cheap blinds.

Window cladding constraints

In “real life”, there are some constraints when choosing window ornaments. They can take the form of an electric radiator under the window, a lack of space to fix the rod, a form of a window that is not suitable. In this regard, watch out for the oscillating windows that open towards the inside. Visit this site for cheap blinds.

The beautiful invention … old fashioned!

Do you remember vertical blinds? They were popular in the ’80s and early’ 90s. They could be adjusted to their degree of openness, they were extremely easy to maintain and spare parts were easily found. They have gone out of fashion, but for convenience, they are hard to beat.


The evergreen Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds: we liked them, some still love them, but we do not like washing them. What a chore, especially when the blades are narrow! They are like dust magnets, and it seems, especially for the dark ones.

Solar clothes are awesome

We like them to filter the sun, and they are offered in different levels of opacity: 1% means that they let only 1% of the light. The 5% is good for a slight sun problem. The 10% is even more transparent. Warning: dark solar panels are even more transparent than pale ones.

Which finishes choosing for my curtains?

One rule: adapt the style of your curtains to the size of your window. Everything is a question of harmony. The rest? It’s according to your tastes.

The eyelets: very practical, these metal rings slide perfectly on the rod and allow obtaining regular undulations and a perfect fall. A faultless.

The nouettes: these are small knots of fabric to form around the rod. Their rendering is very elegant (ideal for a chic country style). However, the knuckles are not necessarily very practical for a curtain to handle every day.

The legs: perfect for light curtains, these rings of fabrics slip on the rod for an airy and delicate effect.

The fringed lace curtain: ideal for curtains, the rail affixed to the rod allows easy daily handling and ensures regular undulations.

Tip: When a curtain is endowed with flamenco folds (big folds pinched on the upper part of the curtain), it gains in volume and sophistication.