How to repair cracks and holes in stucco?

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The stucco gives a beautiful architectural appearance to your home. However, the stucco may crack when the house settles or simply as a result of expansion and contraction. Repairing stucco takes time and is not always easy. For major repairs, contact a professional to make sure the arrangement is done correctly and does not cause further damage to the construction. Click here for stucco contractor.

The color of the stucco

Check the color The color of natural stucco changes with the years. If your stucco was painted, the repairs are simpler. If you still have the original color, take a sample to a store and find out what type of pigment you should use to match the rest of the exterior. To look for the perfect combination, you must experiment with the color in a discrete place. Visit this site for stucco contractor.

Acrylic paint or stucco putty

Repair a small crack with acrylic paint or stucco putty. Paint on the crack very thin. The larger ones require putty, which is applied directly to the cartridge, just like the common putty, pointing the tip of the knob towards the crack and pressing the lever lightly. Soften the surface so that it is even with the rest and paint it.

stucco contractorUse chill and mallet

To repair a larger crack or hole, use a chill and mallet to remove the damaged stucco. Remove the damaged slats using scissors. Place staples in the felt and cut a new ribbon that fits into the hole. Use nails to hold it.

Prepare the stucco mixture. Mix a base coat of two parts of masonry cement and seven parts of clean sand. Add water until the mixture maintains its shape.

Spray the repair area using a spray bottle or hose. Apply a layer of the mixture up to a quarter inch (0.6 cm) from the surrounding surface. When the layer is hard, let it dry for two days.

Moisten the first layer and apply a second layer using a long wood that can rest on the surrounding stucco. Drag it back and forth over the area to eliminate imperfections. Using a fratachosmoothes the entire area.

The finishing touch is vital

Let the stucco dry slowly by sprinkling it often for two days. Make a finishing coat by mixing 5 parts of masonry cement and 7 parts of clean sand. Add water gradually until it has the consistency of soft butter. Apply this mixture to the dry layer and give it the necessary texture to match the rest of the wall. Then paint it the corresponding color.