Right Format for Plan of Action (POA)in case of Amazon account suspension

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amazon suspension

If your account is suspended, you need to create a plan of action in order to resolve the issue. This plan will be reviewed by Amazon and they would use this information to decide whether they would uplift your suspension or not. Thus, the POA has got lots of importance.A successful POA is the one which shows that you have clearly identified the issue, its cause and the steps which you would take to avoid them in the future.

A POA is more than just apologizing in case of amazon suspension. It is about telling them how you are changing your tools, your process,and everything. You got to make the investigators feel that you are worth one more chance. For that to happen, you have to write the plan of action in the right format.

Outline to POA

Your main aim of POA should be providing Amazon with all the necessary information which they would need in order to make an informed decision to lift the suspension from your account. Some of the outlines which you need to follow for an effective POA has been provided.

Introductory Paragraph

You need to state your name which includes your seller name as well, your business’s description and the reason for your account to be suspended. (The reason is informed to you by Amazon at the time of suspension.)

Description of Issue

You have to describe the issue clearly which led to the suspension of your account. You should explain tothem about your researchregarding the identification of this issue and the reason as to why this issue has occurred. You could add data and infographics of your research result. At the same time, you should take full responsibility for the issue and acknowledge the issue.

Action Stepsamazon suspension

You have to explain the steps which you have taken in order to correct the issue since your suspension. Inform them about the changes which you have made to correct the problem and the changes in the process and procedures which would help in preventing such issues to occur in the future.

Closing Statement

This part should contain a summary of your actions which you have already taken to resolve the issue and a request so that they reinstate your seller account.


An effective POA has the ability to get your account reinstated by Amazon.